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As well as supplying scapulars directly to families, individuals and church repositories the Sisters of Saint Joseph send many scapulars free of charge to Catholic missions in Africa and Asia. The Sisters are entirely dependent on the generosity of benefactors to enable them to produce and send scapulars to the missions.

Please help them with occasional donations towards their important apostolate or by setting up regular payments by standing order. Please contact the sisters for further details.

A priest in the African mission fields who distributes scapulars sent by the Sisters of St. Joseph writes:

"The scapulars will be much appreciated in Lesotho. I just gave out all the ones that I still had from Sister. One of her scapulars was part of the most beautiful sick call I have ever made as a priest.

After Mass on Monday I was asked to visit a sick boy in the village of Adelina. He is eighteen years old and has been sick for the last three years. He cannot even stretch out his arms fully. He went to a public hospital and instead of an operation, he received a wheelchair.

The faithful wished to come with me and so an older lady, a few young men and many children formed a crowd with me that walked through a number of scattered small stone houses which I had never seen before. It reminded me of the crowds that escorted Our Lord.

I gave a blessing for the sick boy and then one of the faithful handed me one of the scapulars that I had handed out on the day before, asking me to give it to the boy. I had to instruct the boy about the meaning and history of the scapular and he wished to receive it. But since I did not bring the correct prayer, I asked a sixteen year old boy, who is Anglican but now wants to be received into the Church and to learn how to serve Mass, to run to get it from my nephew at the Adelina chapel.

Meanwhile the faithful prayed three decades of the rosary for the sick boy, which moved him to small tears which he repeatedly brushed off his eyes while in bed. The prayer book arrived and then I enrolled him in the brown scapular. Then the faithful began to sing a hymn to Our Lady in Sesotho as we left the very small room. The boy's mother thanked me as I left.

So, Sister's scapulars are going to some good souls, this one who never was seen at the chapel, though his father came for the first time on Sunday".

Our Scapulars

All our scapulars are made from 100% heat-shrunk Melton Mowbray wool.

We currently offer:

The Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (The Brown Scapular) 
The Scapular of the Daughters of Charity (The Green Scapular)
The Scapular of the Immaculate Conception (The Blue Scapular)
The Scapular of the Most Blessed Trinity (The White Scapular)
The Scapular of the Passion (The Red Scapular)
The Scapular of the Seven Dolors of Mary (The Black Scapular) 
The The Five-Fold Scapular
The Carmelite Third Order Scapular
The Franciscan Third Order Scapular

Please write or phone for further details and prices. We can supply scapulars individually or in bulk.

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